Australia Visa Process- Skilled Worker

Australia Skill select is a major tool that has made elementary changes in the functioning of skilled immigration regime. We can justifiably term implementation of this new platform as overhaul of complete skilled migration system. Implemented on July 01 2012, it strives to completely change the way the Australian authorities look for immigrants. This new and ambitious immigration initiative is Aussie Labor pool demand centric and would help the authorities effectively address structural deficiencies (based on Skilled Occupation List) in country’s labor market to a great extent. Immigration authorities would now also be to control the influx of the professionals and trained workers, through skilled immigration route, as per the needs and demands of states, government agencies, domestic industries and sectors. It would also help the states and regions to locate qualified people with suitable profiles for nominations and settlement in regional parts of the country

What are Australia PR visa types?

Australia immigration have a vast immigration process and visa types, few of them are listed below:

Step by Step process for Australian immigration pr visa

Australian immigration process step by step from kuwait

How to apply for immigration to Australia from kuwait

To be eligible for Australian P.R. visa, an aspirant need to make at least 65 points based on Age, Occupation,Experience, Education & many other factors. Below is an explanation given of the point System. Also there are various other factors influence your points to the EOI Pool. Also different assessment bodies have thier distinct eligibility criteria

Factor Description Points
Age: 18-24 25 points
25-32 30 points
33-39 25 points
40-44 15 points
English Language: Competent English - IELTS 6 in each
TOEFL iBT Listening - 12, Reading - 13, Writing - 21 and Speaking - 18
PTE Academic -  Listening - 50, Reading - 50, Writing - 50 and Speaking - 50
0 points
Proficient English - IELTS 7 in each
TOEFL iBT Listening - 24, Reading - 24, Writing - 27 and Speaking - 23
PTE Academic -  Listening - 65, Reading - 65, Writing - 65 and Speaking - 65
10 points
Superior English - IELTS 8 in each
TOEFL iBT Listening - 28, Reading - 29, Writing - 30 and Speaking - 26
PTE Academic -  Listening - 79, Reading - 79, Writing - 79 and Speaking - 79
20 points
Australian Work Experience in nominated occupation or a closely related occupation One year Australian (of past two years) 5 points
Three years Australian (of past five years) 10 points
Five years Australian (of past seven years) 15 points
Overseas Work Experience in nominated occupation or a closely related occupation Three years overseas (of past five years) 5 points
Five years overseas (of past seven years) 10 points
Eight years overseas (of past 10 years) 15 points
(Australian or recognised overseas)
Offshore recognised apprenticeship
AQFIII/IV completed in Australia
Diploma completed in Australia
10 points
Bachelor Degree (including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters) 15 points
Ph.D 20 points
Recognition of Australian Study Minimum two years fulltime (Australian study requirement) 5 points
Designated Language 5 points
Partner Skills 5 points
Professional Year 5 points
Sponsorship by State or Territory Government 5 points
Sponsorship by Family or State or Territory Government to Regional Australia 10 points
Study in a Regional Area 5 points

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